Speech is the fundamental basis of communication. Not only between humans. We know how to speak with devices under our control so that they will listen to our commands. We create, expand and hone modern speech processing technology, creating comfortable, intuitive, effective and safe communication. We have spent thousands of hours of work so that, thanks to speech recognition technology, daily routines will take but a moment. We are creating the new definition of mobile. VoiceLab – say it and have it.

We mainly concentrate on an innovative way of creating an acoustic model, one that is based off of our own database, one of the largest in the world. We believe that in the near future our technology will be used on mobile devices without the need for an internet connection.



The beginnings of the “voice lab” consisted of many years of research and experiments. VoiceLab is a laureate of the Innovater competition organized by the Foundation for Higher Learning in Poland. In 2012 Jacek Kawalec joined the VoiceLab team – he’s known as the co-founder of WP.PL and as an investor in many other innovative enterprises. Our speech recognition system Moonlight won the “Medal Mercurius Gedanensis” prize at the Innovation Technicon fair in 2012. We received the “Lider 2012” title from the Pomeranian Park for Research Technology as well as a distinction from the Ministry of Research and Higher Learning. A solution developed by VoiceLab won the GOLD MEDAL at the largest invention fair at INPEX 2013 in the USA, a SILVER MEDAL at a fair in Brussels, as well as a BRONZE MEDAL at the TAIPEI inventions fair. The company will soon receive the recognition of world-class experts.





Speech recognition


Speech Analytics


Noise reduction

Is a safe and comfortable way to secure private data. This solution recognizes unique voice traits and allows for logging into an account through ones voice – without the need for inputting a password.

Thanks to this technology appliances around you are able to “understand” commands given with your voice. It also simplifies, among other things, the use of mobile applications and contact with helplines.

Effectively analyzes audio recordings. Thanks to accurate reports from SpeechAnalitics, advisers and managers can raise the quality of client care while at the same time optimizing service costs.

This technology is based on an advanced statistical algorithm that processes the speech signal. It significantly improves the quality of recorded conversations, eliminating unwanted sounds and noise.



Faster and more effective client service

With one word clients can check the status of their bank account, ask about the remaining time on an insurance policy, or reserve a visit at the doctor.

Improved documentation

Text files can be quickly entered into database systems, without the need for writing them down, as well as passed on to the proper personnel.

Accurate analysis of sales conversations

Automatically generated reports collect data about previously chosen key words.


Tomasz Szwelnik

Board President

Company President – he is responsible for marketing, sales and realizing development.

Jacek Kawalec

Board Member

Thanks to his experience and support the company has gained the opportunity for expansion, and the technology developed by VoiceLab